how do i delete save data?

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User Info: benoit4321

6 years ago#1
I chose Snivy and he sucks and I want to start over and chose Oshawott. How do I erase my save data?
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User Info: Pigtrifle

6 years ago#2
Up select b iirc.

Edit: on the title screen. Pig Time User
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User Info: tooweak

6 years ago#3
If it's due to the first gym, don't. But Up+B+Select on title, per manual.

MINOR SPOILERS-First Gym/Second town (Nintendo Power covered this during pre-release previews and interviews)

First gym is always your weakness, no matter what starter you pick. and the place to the right of the town has a Pokemon that hit's the Leader's weakness.
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  3. how do i delete save data?

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