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Magmarizer & Electirizer & Protector

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User Info: Ryukyo

6 years ago#1
are those items in White/Black version?

I got the pokemon but i need the item ; ; and i can't find it anywhere
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User Info: XObsidianK1ngX

6 years ago#2
all three are in this, cant remember where, but theyre in here
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User Info: nittt

6 years ago#3
Play post-game and just find the items. They are around as visible items in the areas you have not been in yet. That is where you will find them. I have all three.
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User Info: Starsoul_klr

6 years ago#4
Isn't there also that shades-man on one of the post-game routes that gives random trade evolution items per day?

I've found a Electirizer so there's one of those floating around...
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User Info: Ryukyo

6 years ago#5
i found the electirizer

but i can't seem to find magmarizer and protector ;;
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Name: Blue

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

6 years ago#6
here you go
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User Info: Timeonious

6 years ago#7
As far as i know the magmarizer isn't a pick up anywhere. You can only get on rt 13 from the man in shades who gives treasure. Supposedly, Magby's also hold them (if you are lucky enough to have them in white forest) but it's a low %, i caught 30 and didn't get one.

I think same for electirizer, and then elekid.

As for protector it might be found, because i had 1 in my bag, but i might have gotten lucky from the guy.
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