A pokemon with good defense?

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User Info: bobthecoltfan

6 years ago#1
Whats a good pokemon thats not rock, ground or whatever but has great defense so it can take numerous blows. it seems like my pokemon die so fast.

User Info: Dark_Blaze180

6 years ago#2
Conkeldurr is pretty solid. High attack, moderate defenses, and access to drain punch through breeding. it's been my main tank throughout my game =]

User Info: NessEggman

6 years ago#3
Just wake me up when Tokimeki Memorial 4 is announced.
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User Info: Cecil_Darknight

6 years ago#4
cofagrigus is another really good one with high def.

User Info: Baruch_S

6 years ago#5
Bouffalant isn't bad. It's defenses aren't super high, but when combined with its HP it can take hits pretty well. It also has some serious offensive power and gets a couple moves that power up as it takes damage. It's honestly pretty tough to take a Bouffalant down.
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User Info: LucarioLatiosDS

6 years ago#6
Bastiodon, it's heads a friggin shield.
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User Info: zekryn2

6 years ago#7
Musharna is pretty good, and you can get a Munna right at the beginning of the game
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User Info: Lone_Hunter

6 years ago#8
This gen the top defensive poke is the coffin ghost thing
Special def is cryogonal
Of course shuckleis at the top of both lists... but he's rock
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