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trade evolution

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User Info: Fayt98

4 years ago#1
it still work if it's done through GTS trading? i asked for a Boldore, expecting that it would evolve into a Gigalith, and i still got a Boldore. (though they gave it an Everstone before trading for some reason) wanna know for future GTS trading for pokemon that trade evolve (like karrablast traded for shelmet, and asking for a graveler hoping for a golem, etc)

User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#2
It'll normally work through the GTS, yes. The Everstone is what prevented the evolution. IIRC, though, Roggenrola and Boldore have a 50% chance of being found holding an Everstone in the wild, so the person trading the Boldore might not have realized or remembered it was there.
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User Info: Fayt98

4 years ago#3
D'oh! i guess the roggenrola and boldore that i caught must not have been w/in the 50% holding it b/c they never had it. guess i'll try doing another boldore GTS trade and hope i'll get a Gigalith

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