Umm I am so noob. How to get pokemon from Dream World?

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User Info: Dark2

4 years ago#1
I got Pokemon White 1 and 2 last week. I just made GL account. I tried to login at and and upload my pokemon to Dream World but I still don't know how to get pokemon from there....

How I get pokemon from there? And Charmander?

User Info: x_tremechaos

4 years ago#2
Okay, so once you upload a Pokemon from your DS Game's file to the Pokemon Link, you go to the website and there should be an option for you to visit the Dream World after you login. Fennel will explain to you the basics of each spot of your Dream World, but the place where we find Pokemon begins with the Rainbow Bridge. Click "Yes" when it asks you if you wan to travel to the Island of Dreams. From there, you just travel until you find a Pokemon. After you complete its minigame, you will befriend it. Once all ten of your area checks are used up, say "Yes" when you are asked to give a berry to the giant tree (Basically, you're going to need to get lucky and find a berry while looking for the Pokemon) and then you get to pick a Pokemon whose minigame you've completed and take that ONE with you back. Certain Pokemon are unlocked via a point system I don't understand and you should Google reference later to find out the specifics. Now that you have your Pokemon, click on the Power button on the top right corner and select the option of "Yes, I want to Wake Up" or something along those lines, it will tell you of any items you decide to take with you back to your Game in addition to the Pokemon. Once that is over with, you use your DS again and connect with the Game Sync to get your Pokemon out of the Dream World.

Side-note: If you're trying to breed Dream World Abilities, you can only do so if the female Pokemon is from the Dream World and with a partner that isn't Ditto.

Hope that block of text helps.

P.S.: Charmander and the other Starter Pokemon with their Dream World Abilities are event only releases, and I don't believe there are any ongoing events to give such Pokemon aside from the Wal-Mart event to get the Sinnoh Starters.
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  3. Umm I am so noob. How to get pokemon from Dream World?

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