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User Info: TeeTheWicked

4 years ago#1
Anyone wanna exchange friend codes? I finally got wifi, looking forward to getting my butt kicked in some fun battles.

My FC is 3225 7406 3722

User Info: Awesomeness1337

4 years ago#2
Sure just got a guffaws acc today, I'll beat anyone once i beat the game so I can get my lvl 100s from diamond/platinum

User Info: Awesomeness1337

4 years ago#3
Oops I forgot to put friend code

FC: 5157-9663-6561

User Info: Awesomeness1337

4 years ago#4
Awesomeness1337 posted...
Sure just got a guffaws acc today,

I hate my iPods autocorrect at times that was suppost to say gfaqs

User Info: Aura_of_Lucario

4 years ago#5
I'm still trying to get better at battles. So I need a mentor. (or teacher).
But anyway here it is!
White FC: 2151 7761 8380.
(pretty sure it's in my signature).
Lucario, master of aura, champion, greater than all... and our creator.
PkMn White FC/name:2151 7761 8380/ Ash

User Info: Awesomeness1337

4 years ago#6
Aura_of_Lucario add me my friend code was in the 3rd post

User Info: Cloudraa

4 years ago#7
My FC is in my sig, I'm wondering if you have any eggs to trade off?
Magnemite.exe is not distracted.... Continuing Utter Annihilation
White 2 FC:5115 5267 2638

User Info: TheDoctorWhom

4 years ago#8
My Friend Code is 2753 2921 9112..

User Info: nick2000895

4 years ago#9
my friend code is
3612 3223 2966 add me i will add you guys also
pkmn white 2

Name: Nick

User Info: PokeCookie

4 years ago#10
Hi. I'd like to share friend codes(Mine is 4599 3301 7922). I have both versions of white(1 & 2), but I'm still on version #1 at the moment. ^_^

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