Which to catch next?

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User Info: Omegaforce725

4 years ago#1
Hey all,

I just got Pokemon White the other day, its my first Gen V game, been playing it and having a blast!

I have 4 pokemon on my team now, and I'm hoping that you could give me some advice as to which one or type to try for next. (I am playing the German version so I don't know the english names for the ones I have).

So far I have:
- Ottarro (water starter)
- Yukliff (normal-type dog pokemon)
- The fire monkey
- The pink floaty psychic pokemon

(again, sorry for the lack of names, not sure what the English one's are)

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any advice you could provide. Thanks!
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User Info: PokemonVeteran

3 years ago#2
I'd recommend looking for Drilbur (it's German name is Rotomurf) in Wellspring cave (Grundwassersenke is it's name in German). It turns into a beast of a ground type when it evolves, but it's only found through dust clouds that pop up intermittently like the shaking patches of grass. It'll be very helpful in a later gym.

User Info: Omegaforce725

3 years ago#3
Thanks, that seems like a pretty solid choice, I'll go try to catch one.

As I've never played Gen 5 before, what are generally good options in terms of types to cover on my team? How important is it to have a fire type, or an electric type? And what pokes can you suggest catching that would be a good compliment to the team I already have? (btw I'm not a big fan of the fire monkey you get at the beginning so I'll probably either switch it out for another fire type or just box it).
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3 years ago#4
I used:

-Fire Starter [Fire/Fighting]
-Munny [Physic] (pink floaty thing you already have)
-Blitzle [Electric] (electric zebra)
-Sawk [Fighting] (find in shaking grass on first or second route)
-Pidove [Flying] (Bird found towards the beginning)
--Eventually replaced with Ducklett [Water/Flying] (found on the long bridge by running over the shadows)
-Drillbur [Ground/Steel] (already explained above)

Will probably replace Munny with something else soon, maybe a dragon/ice/dark type since I'm lacking in offense when it comes to physic/ghost/dragon enemies.

You can look up the names on serebii.net (click the black/white pokedex on the left)

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#5
Yes. I would suggest you switch out Pansear (Grillmak the fire-monkey) for a Litwick (Lichtel the candle Pokemon) BUT you don't get it until you reach Mistralton City home of the 6th Gym. But that will not be a huge problem as it is still one of the better Fire types in Gen V. It's whole line is also Fire/Ghost typing which will just give you so much more coverage.
Also, you can never go wrong with an offensive Ground/Dark typing which Sandile (Ganovil the desert croc) which will benefit your team as well if you don't decide on choosing Drilbur (Rotomurf).

I would also suggest -
Petilil (Lilminip) which you can find in Pinwheel Forest early on as it is also probably one of the best in-game Grass types. With it's ability Own Tempo, making it not get confused from it's own Petal Dance and having access to Quiver Dance as well makes for a deadly combo.
Throh (Jiutesto) and Sawk (Karadonis) for the Fighting type coverage you can find right outside Pinwheel Forest. Which are both great with one being more on the defensive side and the other on the offensive, respectably.
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