Hi guys, I need your help.

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User Info: francesco-totti

3 years ago#1
I am from Dubai, and I don't know how to use Mystery Gift, I have read in google, that we have to go to gamestop and connect to Wi-Fi in there and you will find it.

but in Dubai there is no gamestop
I went to Geekay they had no idea about it.

so can you guys help me before I lose the chance to acquire a shiny Grantini, also be able to participate in other Mystery Gift thingies in future with Pokémon X & Y (bought them both couple of days ago)

sorry if its this isn't the right place to put the topic in.

I am Superman \=D/

User Info: bandit_wolf

3 years ago#2
Sounds like it's not offered in your area. You might try to trade for one instead.
PS Deputy & Dex Filler__Over CMXL served__Gen 5 [wolfman] [1851-1357-0791]
Looking for non-english pokemon in gen 4.
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  3. Hi guys, I need your help.

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