Wifi problems.

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User Info: Watmanwat

3 years ago#1
Okay, I'm on a 3DS XL, and it sounds stupid, but I use my phone as my router. This works on Wifi for my Soulsilver AND Platinum. So, why won't it work for White?

It says I need to erase my pal pad friends and records, which I don't mind, but whenit tries, my phone doesn't say a DS or anything has connected. The DS doesn't even get a bar. Then it gives me error code 50199, which doesn't help.

Works flawless on SS and Platinum.
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User Info: 666overlord666

3 years ago#2
i had some wi-fi problems, i just reset my router and eureka!

maybe try that, if not try changing your internet key to wep as opposed to wap
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