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User Info: gamer424242

4 years ago#1
I'm trying to gather all of the Pokémon that can't be found in X or Y on other games, and the next one on my list is Porygon. For that reason, I'm trying to find a Porygon in White Forest. However, my Forest does not contain the correct trainer for this. My question is this - I own a copy of Black, but it is right at the beginning. Is it possible to access that copy's Black City without ever going there? Thanks for your help.

User Info: BennyLapdance

4 years ago#2

User Info: GastroFan

4 years ago#3
Strangely enough yes you can access Black City from your White 1 game if the other game has reached one of the circle cities such as Nimbasa, Driftveil, etc. What I mean by 'circle cities' are those cities shown on the town map that form a circle around the entralink. And you don't need to beat the E4 to gain access; my daughter accessed my Black City with her Black game when I reached Nimbasa City. As long as your White 1 game can access the entralink and has reached White Forest, you shouldn't have a problem.
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