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User Info: Vylkr

4 years ago#1
I don't play this anymore but I still have the save file and never knew if my pokemon team is good or not so can you guys please rate this or something?, Thanks. (Unova only Pokemon :P)

Mild Galvantula/Compound Eyes/Thunder,Bug Buzz,Sucker Punch,Thunder Wave/Magnet

Adamant Haxorus/Mold Breaker/Earthquake,Outrage,Poison Jab,Dragon Dance/Dragon Fang

Sassy Reuniclus/Magic Guard/Reflect,Light Screen,Psychic,Energy Ball/Leftovers

Hasty Archeops/Defeatist/Fly,Stone Edge,Earthquake,Roost/Life Orb

Quiet Serperior/Overgrow/Toxic,Leech Seed,Giga Drain,Substitute/Big Root

Impish Bisharp/Defiant/Night Slash,Iron Head,Brick Break,Swords Dance/Shell Bell
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