I know this is a long shot

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User Info: xPzM

3 years ago#1
Yeah, as the topic title suggests this request is pretty much a long shot, however I thought I'd best chance my luck (seeing as it's the season of giving lol)

So yeah, I was just wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out with Oshawott & Snivy for two junkmon? I just recently acquired White Version and I'm not all that far in it yet, but yeah if you're up for being a good sport I'll be waiting in the WFC just now for a good while.

My friend code: 3182 9396 6487

(Preferably from an egg, but not fussy :P)

User Info: SSimple

3 years ago#2
Actually, it's not a long shot at all. Starters are rather low when it comes to valuable trades so any breeder would be happy to get them to you if they're available.

If you had posted on the trade boards, chances are that someone would have gotten to you by now. (The main boards don't get a lot of attention anymore.)

PM me later if you still have no luck and I'll help you out.
White 2 FC- 4299 1080 3523
3DS FC- 2406 6226 8805
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  3. I know this is a long shot

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