Selling my white version

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User Info: Albtraum13

3 years ago#1
is $25 a fair price? My truck got broken into and my DS was stolen, so I have no use of my games, but I'm keeping Diamond for sentimental reasons...

Ever have a game/ console/ electronic device stolen? The tweaker also stole my sunglasses, pocket knife, and all of my change of mostly quarters

User Info: Matty0289

3 years ago#2
I once had my Pokemon Gold Version for Gameboy Color stolen.
My other good friend felt bad about it, and let me have his Pokemon Silver Version.

That was back before DS was out and stuff. =-P
Then just last year before I moved where I live now- someone got into my car and stole a bunch of change too, like you- mostly full of quarters. With that being said- I probably have about $3-5 worth of change in my car right now just covered up by a napkin.. I should probably get that out. =-/

My friend had his PS4 stolen that he got on the Release-Week while he was at work.
As for the price for your game, Pokemon games average $23-30 at Gamestop. So I'd imagine you might be able to sell it for about the same price. Maybe. =-)

Sorry to hear it though.
Just wandering, but why would you leave your DS in your car anyways?

People nowdays.. So rude, mean, and dishonest. =-(
Many humans possess little or no sense of obligation at all. And many are entirely willing to trample their fellow man for personal gain.
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