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User Info: SumerNivek

3 years ago#1
Hi all,

Well, I finally decided to give Pokemon a try after all these years. I am now a father of a little girl who will more than likely get into Pokemon, so I wanted to try it out and see what all the fuss was about. Been gaming since the Atari 2600 in the 80s and deliberately avoided Pokemon as I didn't think I was "the target market" when the franchise first started in the mid-90s (older teen, high school guy).

Anyway, enough of my story, I just picked up Pokemon White at GameStop this past weekend, as I had a DS and didn't want to invest in a 3DS just quite yet. Having fun so far with the game, as it reminds me of the JRPGs I used to play in the early 90s. However, am I too late for this game? I just read that DS internet service has been suspended this year. I hadn't realized that when I bought the game, and I hadn't played my DS in over two years, so I was a bit behind on the news. Will this affect my playing much since I can't trade Pokemon with people? I am really just trying to understand the franchise, so I guess it is not a big deal if I don't collect every monster with this version. Thanks for your thoughts.
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User Info: rubixcube10

3 years ago#2
Im in the same scenario as you. I bought the white for one kid and the black for the other. They're playing on their ds lite. I was under the assumption that they would be able to battle against each other linking up like mario kart or mario bros. I dont even think online was capable for the ds lite. What can they do together besides just playing in the 1 player mode?

User Info: BlissedIgnoranc

3 years ago#3
Essentially anything to do with long distance wifi is shut down. Trading, battling, etc. However local connectivity still works (via DS local wifi) you can still trade and battle between games (requires two DS systems)

Basically, unless you're in the same room as someone. You won't be able to trade them or battle them.

As with the removal of the wifi servers, this also means the Dream World is no longer operational nor is the GTS for DS games.
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User Info: Akira1256

3 years ago#4
To be fair, though, the Dream World/servers were shut down well in advance of the shutdown of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
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User Info: SumerNivek

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the replies. I guess what I am getting at is:

Is this a good version to "cut my teeth on," so to speak? And, will I "miss out" on a ton of content now that the servers are offline?
"One more thing. If anything, they're Wisps in Eredar form." -Posted by Doilyn on 5/9/06.

User Info: WizardofHoth

3 years ago#6
Not really.

all the dream world pokemon there was nothing special about them. The only special thing was that Dream World pokemon had a special ability you could only get from the pokemon global link but that was about it.

So dont waste your time since the Dream World global link for the Pokemon White Black games is shut down permamently.

User Info: PokeCookie

3 years ago#7
I don't think it hurts any. As someone who got the game when it came out, but got into the dream world very late, I'd say it doesn't really matter. I loved the game and am still having loads of fun. ^_^
Plus, local wifi still works so it's not like you can't trade or battle AT ALL. Just people far away that you probably won't know. You can still play with the people within a room.
Oh, and I didn't even use the online on my DIAMOND or white 2 at all. Just a small amount of time on White 1.
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