LEYENDAS (legends)

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User Info: bbgambini420

6 years ago#1

DONDE ESTAN TODOS los que juegan AAA!???

User Info: streetfighter76

6 years ago#2
Eating tacos with guacamole and drinking tequila while wearing big, weird hats.

You know that most of the people who bought this game can't play it on-line for reasons we are not able to discuss here... >_>
Just to give you an example, i payed less than $3 for this one.

But it's a mediocre game at the very best so not many people care to talk about it anymore...
Go play WWE All Stars instead if you enjoyed it.

User Info: streetfighter76

6 years ago#3
It bugs me a little that no mods are coming to get you, because you made your post in spanish. (TOS violation)

I have been modded for many different (and stupid) reasons and yet you are getting away with this one. >_>
Life is not fair...
(Or maybe they think a board as dead as disco is not worthy of their attention)

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