Bleach heat the soul 7 has 84 characters!

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User Info: Jimmy20070809

7 years ago#1

User Info: Jimmy20070809

7 years ago#2
Also translation of the page shown in that article says

The up-to-date character, the new element to join large number, as for “the HTS” series new chapter thrust!

Series first 4 human opposition finally possibly! Fighting of soul it is, (the Seoul story) furthermore heat rise! As for story mode presently recording the TV animation up-to-date season in on air! The compilation into one book where charm of PSP largest BLEACH series title is fully loaded!

- The quantity of series most numerous [pureiaburukiyarakuta]!
The quantity of [pureiaburukiyarakuta] which is charm “of the HTS” series past the most numerous 84 bodies. Villain indigo dyeing ten blades which are led ([esupada]), army of the third power mask ([vuaizado]) with this work perfection collection! The numbers of the name game which colors comic and TV animation PSP scatter the spark in the stage!

- Story mode finally to area of decisive battle!
Up-to-date season of TV animation being recorded big charm of this series. With this work, TV 'recording empty is televised seat decisive battle volume' from this spring extending through this winter!

Furthermore developing the hot battle with ●4 human simultaneous opposition!
In opposition with ad hoc mode, it becomes the series first, loading “battle royal”. Hot soul (Seoul) to throw with incandescence desperate 4 human simultaneous opposition!

- Series beginner, new BLEACH fan element full load of relief!
Also degree of hardness setting, setting and the Seoul cord/code which for the beginner are easy to understand in addition to the tutorial and the practice mode which than the previous production it becomes easier to use, to have, the beginner user clear possibility.

User Info: Godzillaheisei

7 years ago#3
Great translation TC
So we are getting 84 characters including both espadas and Vizards?

Also nice to know that they included a practice/tutorial mode.

While we may wear different fanboy flags we serve one gaming master... forever may he reign!

User Info: Jimmy20070809

7 years ago#4
Thank you :D
Also seems like we may get the new aizen since this seems to cover the whole story going on as of now :D.. So im guessing all vizards with masks and everything else they shown so far,,,All espada and releases and we have ichigo and his new mask on the game cover even...Jeeze is there anything this game isn't going to have that isn't epic lol

User Info: Scynt

7 years ago#5
Sounds like Soul Codes are back. ^^ Hope #158 is back, I put that on both my and the CPU character almost exclusively.

Nice find TC.

User Info: Jimmy20070809

7 years ago#6
If soul codes are back then im guessing they will give us a ton more..Probably another hundred more :D..Maybe even special ones for 4 player matches

User Info: thienimon

7 years ago#7
dont wanna be a buzz kill but ...
do not forget that 84 characters INCLUDE TRANSFORMATIONS ex. ichigo make 3 (unreleased, zangetsu, bankai tensa zangetsu)

User Info: Jimmy20070809

7 years ago#8
I know previous games were the same way..But it has not yet been confirmed if that is the case this time or not :/ ... I do really hope that they don't this time because If they counted them then we would hardly get anyone new in here..But by the look of things we seem to have a ton of new additions added.

User Info: Scynt

7 years ago#9
If we indeed have all vizards and espada, that's already well over 84 characters if you count TFs

#75. Tiburon
#76. Stark
#77. Los Lobos
#78. Hollow Ichigo
#79. Segunda Etapa
#80. Allon
#81. Ira
#82. Love
#83. Hachigen
#84-89. Masked Vizards
#90. Barragan
#91/92 Soi Fon Bankai/ Barragan release?

User Info: PockyBlaq

7 years ago#10
soul codes again! meh :/ 84 characters total lets hope they are not counting forms cuz if they are thats a huge mistake
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