Heat The Soul 8 Character and New Movesets Wishlist

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User Info: Enigma_Neo

7 years ago#1
This is my list.

1. Stark resurrection
2. Barragan resurrection
3. Rose Hollow mask ( not special move )
4. Kensei Hollow mask and Bankai ( not special move )
5. Mashiro Hollow mask ( not special move )
6. Shinji shikai
7. Hiyori shikai ( not special move )
8. Tousen new hollow mask and resurrection
9. Gin Bankai
10. Genryussai kido # 96
11. Shunsui new movesets
12. Isshin shikai and bankai

Any addition?

User Info: NarutoVsIcihigo

7 years ago#2
Wish list

No HTS8 just some add-ons for this game and a whole new game for PS3/360

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User Info: Aries489

7 years ago#3
You forgot metapod Aizen
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User Info: Ichipoo

7 years ago#4
Give everybody new and PRACTICAL combo strings.

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User Info: quanticdream

7 years ago#5
screw the HtS, I'm disappointed... waiting for Soul Carnival 3....

User Info: CornerCheck

7 years ago#6

User Info: KingLS

7 years ago#7
Espada Nel. Why the hell wasn't she in this one? It's just a costume.

User Info: aexalven

7 years ago#8
I want only 2 things:
Barragan Ressurection.
And as mentioned above, Neliel Espada Skin.
It would be nice to nerf Rukia 's Special and buff every Nel's special, cos it's almost absolutely nonlandable on opponent.

User Info: lune24

7 years ago#9
1. Ichigo (Long hair and with black glove bankai version, seen in the late Deicide chapters)
2. Gin (Bankai)
3. Aizen (Butterfly form (or whatever))
4. Isshin

User Info: Vincent_Seiei

7 years ago#10

From: Ichipoo | #004
Give everybody new and PRACTICAL combo strings.


This. Seriously, some combo strings aren't even...combos.
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