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User Info: mrfatcat

7 years ago#1
Now, you may be coming to this board wondering what the heck this is. Don't fret! I'll tell you EXACTLY what it is, and I'll answer FAQ too!

1 What is Minecraft
1.1 What is Minecraft: Explained.
1.2 Alright, how do I get it?
1.3 Modes explained
1.4 Membership explained
1.5 Who's Notch?
2 Servers
2.1 'Vanilla' Minecraft
2.2 Custom Servers
2.3 The Archives
2.4 World of Minecraft
2.5 CTF Servers
2.6 Griefers
3 Random Stuff
3.1 Tips and Tricks
3.2 Links and that stuff.

1 What is minecraft

1.1 What is Minecraft: Explained
Minecraft is a block-building game that's lego-esque. Except there's only 2 sizes of blocks currently. You can build what you want whenever you want. You can build castles, rocket ships, pixal art, and more! The limit is your imagination.

1.2 Alright, how do I get it?
You get Minecraft by going to the website, There's many things you can do free, you can play the free creative single-player, creative multiplayer, Survival Test (Outdated). That's pretty much all the free game modes you can play in. Modes will be explained later. You can buy the game for 10 Euros ATM, but the price will double once it's in Beta. I'll tell you the features of buying the game later.

1.3 Modes
DANG THOSE SLIPPERY MODES. Well, there are a few. Lemme start....

Creative (Single-player)
First of all, this is the mode that will remain free forever. Play it to get the hang of minecraft, it's the easiest mode to understand.

Creative (Multi-player)
This is the multiplayer version of creative. Nothing changes here, except it has custom servers, that are explained later.

Survival Test
This is an extremely out-dated Indev, go play this if you just like whacking monsters, because surviving is no fun.

This is the up-to-date Survival, it's maps are finite, but there are different themes like Hell, Floating, Paradise and more. Member only.

It removes caves, map themes and water physics, but adds ladders, signs, infinite maps, doors, and previously, more complex trees. Member only

Zombie Siege
Not much is known about this mode, except it will have the enemies we have now, probably finite maps, monsters only spawning at night instead of dark places, and you have to survive in a defend your castle type way.

Dungeons and Levers
It's a planed expansion for dungeons, it will have switches, buttons, and more. Probably no block editing except when creating dungeons.

1.4 Membership Explained

Membership is not like most memberships. It's 10 Euros... lifetime. That will double in due time, but for now it's the normal price. Membership get Indev, Infdev, custom skins, the ability to save creative single player levels to the server, and some status. Plus modes that are due to come.

1.5 Who's Notch?

Notch is the indie developer of Minecraft, he first made minecraft as a 'clone' of infiniminer, but now it's evolved into a whole 'nother game. He's made Minecraft his soul project, but there are side projects he's worked on that are quite high quality.

Advertising a MMO:
It there a problem?

User Info: Anon8492

7 years ago#2

User Info: Mr_Bartuc

7 years ago#3
It removes caves, map themes and water physics, but adds ladders, signs, infinite maps, doors, and previously, more complex trees. Member only

hmm? Just the opposite. Indev was dropped a long time ago development wise. All about Infdev now

User Info: NeoBasilisk

7 years ago#4
You realize this topic is 3 weeks old right?
RIP Toonami (1997-2008)

User Info: Mr_Bartuc

7 years ago#5
*shrugs*, maybe it helped someone anyway. Purchase info is useful mmmmmmmmm

User Info: Anon8492

7 years ago#6
I was just kind of curious as to why he posted DO NOT POST YET as if he was going to make follow-up posts and then just forget about the place.

Then again what with all the updates and such Minecraft gets nearly every day I'm not sure why you'd want to make a topic like this in the first place when a wiki would be much better, as it'll probably be a lot more up to date.

User Info: ObviousRedSpah

7 years ago#7
^ There actually is a wiki, and it is pretty up to date.

User Info: Anon8492

7 years ago#8

User Info: MonstaRooms

7 years ago#9
What a failure for a guide <_<.

User Info: honkatonk617

7 years ago#10
i hope he chocked on his sandwich and died.
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