how do i find my way back?

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User Info: kljsdfgjos

7 years ago#1
i built a nice underground lair type thing but i died and i cant find my way back to it. is there anyway to tell were you died or were you built stuff or something?

User Info: Mr_Bartuc

7 years ago#2
Not that I am aware of. Just remember in future games that when you die you start in the same place you spawn at and it's always a good idea to build a home / mine next to the spawn spot so delete and load a map until you have the area you want. From then on, after you build a nice hut, you may explore from there but keep track of your travels.

User Info: ObviousRedSpah

7 years ago#3
If you built anything at all on the surface, you can use the Cartographer to find it:

(Torches are especially easy to find by generating a night map.)
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User Info: Reisadan

7 years ago#4
Don't forget; the clouds always move north, so you can use that as a compass.

User Info: kbe2k2

7 years ago#5
^Just learned something new about the game.

User Info: Mr_Bartuc

7 years ago#6
^ What he said.

And I forgot about cartographer >_< Haven't been playing for awhile hurrrrrrrrr hue hue hue

User Info: sultangrisc

7 years ago#7
cartographer can find caves and underground rooms now too.

User Info: hikaru_zero

7 years ago#8
what i did was when i made a cool building i built a big pole with torches on it so when i die i got dirt essence and built a big tower so i could see where i built
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User Info: LoZKing

7 years ago#9
An easy way to find your way back with Cartographer is to plant a lot of some rare block in your base, and then set Cartographer to show only that block. I have a reed farm in my base, so if I ever get lost, I can just fire up Cartographer and look for the big block of reeds.
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User Info: soren666

7 years ago#10
I built a road from my spawn point to my mines. one of my floating castles is above the mountain and the other is behind where i spawn. To get into these castles, you have to climb a waterfall.

Then, just for the hell of it, I built a six story tower, perfect circle, 15 units diameter, and the tower is roughly 40 blocks high and th eonly way in is an entrance of the third floor which connects to one of my floating castles. whenever night is ending, I like to go to the top of the tower and stand on the battlements to watch the mobs burn at sunrise (I built the whole thing on top of a monster heavy zone because I wanted a giant middle finger for the mobs to see as they burn in sunlight). It's all close to the spawn, so even if I accidentally fall(and obviously, die) I can find my way(and my stuff) easily, just look for the giant cobblestone tower(the actual floors are 2 block thick stone except the roof which is two layers of glass)

This thread is now about minecraft architectural achievements.
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