How do you set spawn/home point in SMP?

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  3. How do you set spawn/home point in SMP?

User Info: Tikot

6 years ago#1
We all know dying is impossible in SMP (for now) so how do I set up a home point? I'm playing sky islands right now but when I fall I'm pretty much screwed since falling won't kill you... I seem to get stuck in mid air, is there a way to set a home point or something? Or a way to respawn? Pressing "R" doesn't seem to work in multiplayer :(

User Info: GodTaz

6 years ago#2
/home to go back to the spawn.

That's pretty much all you can do.

User Info: gejsiv

6 years ago#3
You have to trek it, sadly. Unless you have op rights and there is someone else in your game, in which case you can /tp me them to teleport to where they are on the island.

Also remember that holding shift will prevent you from falling off the edge unless the edge is a stair.
-gejsiv- :/
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User Info: G1ANT_SQU1D

6 years ago#4
/sethome and /home to tele home, only in some SMPs, like
is a good server where you can do things like that
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