How do you save?

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User Info: QuikScopsRKewl

5 years ago#1
I finally beat the Key Run, last time I turned off the XBox I had to do the rope one again. What is the best way to make sure it saved?

User Info: tadmfpole

5 years ago#2
It should auto-save right after each time you die. As far as confirming that it saved, only thing I know to look for is that little journal icon that appears after a death.. Sorry, that is all I got..

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User Info: Japillow

5 years ago#3
I always go back to the main menu, and I've never had a saving problem. I do this for every game, though, just to be absolutely positive it saves, in case the game has some weird bug.
Luckily it was just the key, and not a Special Win you lost.
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