Heck yes, got speedlunky! WOOOOO!!

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  3. Heck yes, got speedlunky! WOOOOO!!

User Info: Zanaki

5 years ago#1
Now to get low scorer... >_>

3rd? try I got to the level before Olmec, no gold, AWESOME, but like, there was a blue gem near the door, so as I ran for the door I jumped right onto that sucker, darn you reflexes, and weeped silently as I realized the idiocy I just done did.

Oh boy.
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User Info: WarpedByTheNHK

5 years ago#2
I got speedlunky recently too. I actually don't think it was too bad. 8 minutes is a long time, so you still have time to collect some money and buy bombs and a compass. I actually think to hell and back is a little harder. You are almost sure to die a couple of times going blindly into hell because you are dealing with new traps and enemies. Each run is a lot longer too.
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User Info: Psycho_Pansy

5 years ago#3
Woo, just got speedlunky achievment too. Time of 7:08:56.
Even had time to unlock the green mariachi charcter in the temple. Now all i need is yang.

My general strategy was to get as much money as i could in the caves, without taking too long, buying a cape(or jetpack even better if you can afford it, or just straight up steal it) is a huge help, same with a compass. And collect the brown crates, and save damsels if they are readily available. I reached jungle with cape, compass, paste, 13 bombs, 5 rope, and 5 hearts at 2:19 min. Got through no prob with 3:51 time. Ice is a joke with cape/compass time of 4:30. Went slower on temple, bombed down a couple floors to avoid crush traps. (took extra time to get unlockable charcter) got to olmec at 5:43. Ran to the left, bombed all the way down lured olmec to hole and win. 7:08.

Dark areas will wreck your sh*t, snakes event is good to get mattock, undead event is good if you can reach haunted mansion level saves time cus its short dash to end. Smell wet fur event is a pain.
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User Info: XeroShinobi

5 years ago#4
I actually managed to get to Olmec on my first attempt at Speedlunky in about 4 minutes, without the Jetpack, and proceeded to kill him only to fall into the lava because I had a brain fart and forgot to throw the rope in time.

A fair bit of profanity followed.
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User Info: XeroShinobi

5 years ago#5
Just did it again without Jetpack, and I still died when Olmec fell into the lava. This time I was on a rope when he fell, but I still went with him. This game wasn't programmed too well, I know he didn't hit me.

This would be so much easier with a Jetpack, but this random POS game never gives them to me. Seriously, I don't mind the randomly generated levels, but shops need to be set. Same items every time would make this game more about skill and less about luck.

Edit: Just got it, time of 5:31:109, compass only run. I didn't do anything different on Olmec this time either. The asswipe seems to be able to randomly take you with him sometimes.
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  3. Heck yes, got speedlunky! WOOOOO!!

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