what is the difference between ultimate spiderman and amazing spiderman?

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  3. what is the difference between ultimate spiderman and amazing spiderman?

User Info: mcseblo

7 years ago#1

ive seen pictures of both and they pretty much look the exact same.

do they have different powers?

User Info: CyborgTwenty

7 years ago#2
what is the difference between ultimate mcseblo and amazing mcseblo?

User Info: falcon317

7 years ago#3
Different Universes. Ultimate Spiderman belongs to the "rebooted" Marvel Universe called the Ultimate universe. In the Ultimate universe Spidey is about 15, all the X-Men are teenagers (except Wolverine), and the Avengers are called the Ultimates.
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User Info: solidoutlaw

7 years ago#4

Ultimate Spidey is also somewhat weaker in some powers. His spidersense, for instance, warns him of danger, but not the direction of it like Amazing Spidey's does. I think I like Ultimate Spiderman more than 616 universe, due to all the newer storylines. Green Goblin being a huge hulking beast, Eddie Brock being his child hood friend, etc; I feel more emotion in those comics and I can connect with the characters easier.

User Info: Psycho_Kirby

7 years ago#5
Earth-1610 (the universe of the Ultimate Marvel comics) is different from Earth-616 (the "normal" Marvel universe). Most Ultimate characters are significantly different from their 616 counterparts.

Ultimate Spidey's not too different, though as mentioned, his abilities are weaker.
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User Info: VIIVincent

7 years ago#6
and he's called ULTIMATE for what now... if your Ultimate you should be Ultimate, not outclassed by Amazing. lol.
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7 years ago#7
Ultimate Spidey is a younger version from a rebooted universe that attempts to be more modern and relatable but usually just ends up like a Clunky terrible Image comic and everyone hates it.Ultimate Spidey is significantly weaker than 616 Spidey but he has the distinction of being the only one of those comics not written like complete garbage

Poor Parker kid.He deserves better
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User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

7 years ago#8
Ultimate Spidey was a great comic, I swear I hate Joe Quesada for ruining the Ultimate universe (among all the other crap he's done).
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User Info: Baalji_Baalstar

7 years ago#9
Also his villains were a lot different from how they used to be. What with Ock becoming closer akin to Magneto now.
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  3. what is the difference between ultimate spiderman and amazing spiderman?

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