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User Info: project122

7 years ago#1
this is what i came upon...

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
7 years ago#2
Zero doesn't HAVE to be in the game, he was in TvC.
An easy indicator that you need to rethink your opinion is to disagree with me.

User Info: PringerX

7 years ago#3
Zero will be in the game.
Your time is up...

User Info: Dancing-Bear

7 years ago#4

Anyway, they should ditch the Capcom scrubs altogether and just re-do Marvel Superheroes with a larger cast.

User Info: KingLS

7 years ago#5
On that whole list, the only character I agree with is Wayne.
"Couldn't see ya, the sun was in my eyes." - Mario
"I WAS NOT!" - The Sun

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