Dormammu vs Dante close match or not?

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User Info: ViewtifulBrohan

6 years ago#11
Goku wins

Oh wait
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User Info: rugahboi

6 years ago#12
Let me add to Dawrf's argument. As Dwarf said, by DMC4 Dante is probably stronger than Sparda. But by DMC2 there is no doubt that he's superior to his old man. Now add to that the power he'd gain with the Sparda, & the full amulet. Which I think was said to hold the power of immortaliy/revival(Dawrf or Pilot correct me if I'm wrong)

Now, with the raw power of DMC2 Dante. Add in every ability Dante has learned previously(Trickster, Doppleganger, Dreadnuaght, ect.) & I think Dante could put up a hell of a fight. But without help, he wouldn't be able to seal him. Which is pretty much the only way to "beat" Dormammu.
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User Info: Heavysack

6 years ago#13
Gene can beat them up ftw.

User Info: Mareg

6 years ago#14
If this were a fight taking place in, for example, a DMC comic book or videogame crossover where Dante was the protagonist? Don't get me wrong: Dante would find a way to win. But that's because it's a story that has to be told following certain rules. Still, if we're talking in fairer, more arbitrary terms, that's not the way it's going to play out. Understand, using comparisons of Dante's power WITHIN the DMC universe proves nothing in relation to Dormammu. Unless Dante has reached a point where he can simply choose to wipe out or alter vast portions of the universe with a thought or a gesture, he's not in Dormammu's league.
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User Info: dwarfkicker

6 years ago#15
I remember you pilot. No worries there dude.

As for rugahboi, the complete amulet doesn't hold the power of immortality but it does have that resurrection thing going for it, as it is what brought Trish back to life after Mundus killed her.

As for Dante and Dormammu again, you guys are enlightening me on firehead here, and I appreciate that. But we can't count out the power of Sparda either.

Here's a character that Capcom made and without saying anything made us believe that he is all powerful with each game that comes out. Nero is a prime example. Who or what he is aside, he does have the blood of Sparda in him, and thus he does have power from the Sparda bloodline. So one can safely assume here that Nero's Devil Bringer and all it's abilities are things that Sparda was also capable of. That said, if one had the knowledge then if Dante or Nero, or even Vergil could manifest their powers in different ways, it's safe to assume that everything they could do Sparda could do, and having the power of Sparda granted by his sword, it would only make them that much higher tier on the power scales here. But they would have to know how to fully bring out those powers from the sword. And seeing as Dante is the only Sparda to wield his father's sword, and only once, he still most likley has much to learn of it's abilities and the abilities it can grant him.

Again, I'm not saying Dante would win, but it would be a hell of a fight.

Also take a look at what Yamato, another one of Sparda's swords, can do when wielded by Dante in DMC4. That's some surprising power that little blade packs. But even that sword isn't nearly as mighty as the Sparda sword.
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User Info: dwarfkicker

6 years ago#16
Unless Dante has reached a point where he can simply choose to wipe out or alter vast portions of the universe with a thought or a gesture, he's not in Dormammu's league.

There hasn't been a being in the DMC universe capable of doing that...yet ;)

Though as with all story fights, I doubt Dormammu would bring a technique out like that right off the bat. That would be more of a last resort type move. Though, most villains are usually vastly superior to that of the hero. Perfect example would be Sephiroth vs Cloud. Cloud is skilled, but Sephiroth has gained near godlike power. And the only reason for Cloud's victory in Advent Children (stated to be Sephiroth at his strongest so far) was Sephiroth's arrogance in not using any of his potential one shot abilities. It's a flaw in all villains which always gives the hero their winning shot.
Stupidity is a disease that is only cured with a bullet to the head...or an education

User Info: Lost7th

6 years ago#17
The Dread D wins

by a lot.

Like a real lot.

Especially if the fight takes place in his own domain
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User Info: KIassic

6 years ago#18
People seriously overrate Dante. It's almost as bad as the Kratos Vs topics where it doesn't matter what he's up against people can think he automatically wins because he's defeated Gods.

The Devils of Dante's Universe are pathetic in comparison to Dormammu. I believe Dormammu was capable of surpassing Eternity/Infinity, which are forces of the Universe itself and their existence allows things to be Eternal or Infinite. Dante just fights like Mephisto level Devils. Dormammu can create and destroy dimensions with just the power of his will. He could destroy Dante on a spiritual level on the spirit plane of existence, which Dante has no defence against. Only really Dr.Strange stands a chance.
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User Info: RHS_1

6 years ago#19
Please just take a look at dwarfkickers's post, he has a very good point.

From wikipedia - "However, although extremely intelligent, with tremendous knowledge of the mystic arts, he is overwhelmingly arrogant, generally does not adapt well to sudden confusion and unexpected developments and has a tendency to indulge technically outmatched foes rather than swiftly finish them off."

Although I do admit Dante is not in his leauge because of this - "The character is an interdimensional entity composed of mystical energy that can be used to achieve almost any effect he desires, including: energy projection; matter transmutation; size shifting and teleportation; body possession; resurrection of the dead; bestowing of power; and creating demon lords. In certain instances being displayed approaching a universal scale of influence."

Dormammu is apparently stronger in the Dark Dimension, being empowered by the worship of his followers, and can draw upon its power. The character has been shown to have one significant weakness: being vulnerable in environments that cannot fuel his mystical Faltine flames.

Might depend on where they fight. For the record I am a huge DMC fan but you gotta know when to quit.
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User Info: Knowledge_King

6 years ago#20
Honestly, Dormammu SuperAizenGodRoflWtfstomps. He's a multidimensional demon/threat. Any entity level being in Marvel would do the same. This fight is about as close as Dante vs. TOAA. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference, barring complete PIS.

And the guy saying Dante is fighting Mephisto level demons, he has fought no on near Mephisto's level, who has beaten Thor,almost beat Galactus in his realm, and is a known galactic threat/buster. Dante fights demons more on the level of Colossus or Venom or Carnage, but nowhere near Mephisto or Blackheart, and light years away from Dormammu.

Honestly you guys can keep naming Dante's "incredible feats" but he's not that strong. He's on the level of Spider-man and Venom and the like more than Dormammu, Thor and Hulk as you guys put. People write off Deadpool against Dante, but in reality they are more even than you think(Dante still has an advantage).
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