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User Info: Mercury_Key

6 years ago#1
I'm missing a few VAs. I'm only listing the VAs that have been confirmed officially and VAs I'm 100% sure about, because I recognize their voices. Here's the list:

Wolverine - Steve Blum
Storm - Susan Dalian
Spider-Man - Josh Keaton
Captain America - ???
Iron Man - Eric Loomis
Hulk - Fred Tatasciore
Thor - ???
Deadpool - Nolan North
X-23 - Tara Strong
She-Hulk - María Canals Barrera
Doctor Doom - ??? (sounds like Jess Harnell to me. I'm not sure.)
Super-Skrull - Charlie Adler
Dormammu - ???
Magneto - Tom Kane
M.O.D.O.K. - Wally Wingert
Shuma-Gorath - ???

Ryu - Kyle Hebert (ENG) ---- Hiroki Takahashi (JPN)
Chun-Li - Laura Bailey (ENG) ---- Fumiko Orikasa (JPN)
C. Viper - Michelle Ruff (ENG) ---- Mie Sonozaki (JPN)
Morrigan - ??? (ENG) ---- Rie Tanaka (JPN)
Felicia - ??? (ENG) ---- Kana Asumi (JPN)
Chris - Roger Craig Smith (ENG) ---- Hiroki Touchi (JPN)
Tron - ??? (ENG) ---- Mayumi Iizuka (JPN)
Dante - Reuben Langdon (ENG) ---- Toshiyuki Morikawa (JPN)
Trish - Danielle Burgio (ENG) ---- Atsuko Tanaka (JPN)
Viewtiful Joe - ??? (ENG) ---- Tomokazu Seki (JPN)
Amaterasu - (it's a picture of the actress)
Arthur - ??? (ENG) ---- Tetsu Inada (JPN)
Spencer - ??? (ENG) ---- Takaya Kuroda (JPN)
Zero - Johnny Yong Bosch (ENG) ---- Ryotaro Okiayu (JPN)
Jill - ??? (ENG) ---- Atsuko Yuya (JPN)
Wesker - D.C. Douglas (ENG) ---- Jouji Nakata (JPN)

Niitsuma's recent blog post shows a list of the JPN voices for the revealed Capcom characters. That's why I listed them. Anyway, if anyone wants to help me out with the missing VAs, here are a few notes:

- Dormammu isn't voiced by Michael McConnohie, who voiced Seth in [S]SFIV.

- I know Patricia Ja Lee will most likely voice Jill in MvC3, because she voiced her in RE5, but as we all know, there isn't any gameplay video of her to listen to her voice. With that said, she could be voiced by someone else in MvC3.
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User Info: Lord_Mizer

6 years ago#2
Arthur is voiced by Dan Woren.
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User Info: NoizyChild

6 years ago#3
Captain America - Brian Bloom

Spencer - Mike Patton

Doctor Doom - David Kaye
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User Info: WolfgangLaRocco

6 years ago#4
Thor - Rick D. Wasserman

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User Info: StarStormScream

6 years ago#5
That's looks just about right. There was a stream during Comic-Con with the VA director that mentioned that Morrigan was played by a British lady, so I guess we won't really know who she is until the game comes out.
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User Info: Jeriakimefu

6 years ago#6
I wish Ron Perlman and/or Keith David were in this. They have 2 of the most awesome voices I've heard in games.

User Info: Edge Geraldine

Edge Geraldine
6 years ago#7

From: NoizyChild | #003
Doctor Doom - David Kaye

Where are people getting David Kaye from (other than IMDB)? It sure doesn't sound like him. If anything it sounds more like Paul Dobson.

User Info: StarStormScream

6 years ago#8
He's the Doom from the '06 Fantastic Four cartoon right? I kinda thought it was him for a while but I wasn't entirely certain. Plus no one else ever seemed to mention him...
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User Info: KillerBee41

6 years ago#9
I would put money on it that Wolvy is NOT Steven J. Blum

It doesnt sound anything like his magical voice in the cartoon and the Xmen Legends game

User Info: Lord_Mizer

6 years ago#10
It is Steven Blum.
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