Is anyone else sick to death of Capcom having no Darkstalkers variety?

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  3. Is anyone else sick to death of Capcom having no Darkstalkers variety?

User Info: Smurf86

6 years ago#31

Morrigan, Felicia, Demitri, Hsien-ko, BB Hood

Middle Ground Popularity:

Jedah, Jon Talbain, Lilith, Lord Raptor



Considering everything Capcom has told us, you didn't have variety in the first place. The only good other choice which could've been allowed was BB Hood. They could've used Bishamon like you said, but then nobody would care. Morrigan is the staple (main) character of the series especially when it comes to representation. Felicia is just as popular since she represents the less important characters; ones that aren't directly involved with Makai anyway.
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User Info: koopabros64

6 years ago#32
I'm sick of seeing Morrigan, and Felicia. Or the lack of male DS in general.
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User Info: jessicahaggar

6 years ago#33
Morrigan and Felicia are boring to most people since they are EVERYWHERE. If Capcom is making a crossover, Morrigan is guaranteed to be in it.

We know that she represents DS blah blah blah, but it doesn't change the fact that she is a boring overexposed character.
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User Info: brunoafh

6 years ago#34
Yep. I'm beginning to just not like Darkstalkers.
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User Info: metaphysician

6 years ago#35
Me, I think the problem is not "too much Morrigan and Felicia", i think the problem is "Not enough new Darkstalkers games."

Hopefully we will get one, eventually.
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User Info: paperotavio

6 years ago#36
I've been asking for Demitri even before MvC3 was announced.
I'd also be fine with J. Talbain, Donovan and Jedah.
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User Info: KoKuTanLuFi

6 years ago#37
I wanted dimitri so he could turn everyone into female versions. Hopening a new world of hentai rotf
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User Info: brunoafh

6 years ago#38
The problem is that Capcom doesn't care about Darkstalkers and is milking Morrigan and Felicia for everything they possibly can. Consider yourselves lucky you got Hsien-Ko.
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User Info: jaganshi2

6 years ago#39
it's all about the hentai dude
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User Info: Reveroth

6 years ago#40
While I'm happy with Morrigan and Felicia in the game (and thus not "sick" of them), I do agree with there needing to be more exposure for the other characters. I'd love Sasquatch to be in, and I'm rooting for Talbain for dlc, as he has the best chance. Pretty happy with Hsien-ko, too. But yeah, I guess it comes down to needing DS4.
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  3. Is anyone else sick to death of Capcom having no Darkstalkers variety?

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