Does X-23 have any OTG attacks?

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  3. Does X-23 have any OTG attacks?

User Info: StrangerSirKai

6 years ago#1
I've been training with her lately and I'm trying to get a feel for continuing her combos after the nailing the opponent to the ground from her QCF>L air attack (I forget what it's called). Can I keep the combo going after this, or does it simply end?

User Info: cuttin_in_town

6 years ago#2
Play any online X-23
She has some sweep thing
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User Info: solidoutlaw

6 years ago#3
Ankle slicer Otgs, and you can hyper off of it.
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User Info: StrangerSirKai

6 years ago#4
I was trying really hard to use Ankle Slice to OTG, but I couldn't ever get it to hit (whether I charged it or not).

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

6 years ago#5
QCF L in the air, then QCF 2 when you land, full charge. You can chain into a hyper.

User Info: draenic_gamer

6 years ago#6
Time it right. Ankle slice > Hyper is a very easy bread and butter.
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User Info: ElementalDusk

6 years ago#7
Practice with the easy combo, then work your way up.

QCF + H command throw, then charged Ankle Slicer, then Rage Trigger.

Her aerial combo Ankle OTG only connects if you add in enough aerial attack filler. A light, a few mid, and the launcher down should suffice.

User Info: Emperor_Zerg

6 years ago#8
Ankle slice OTGs but you have to charge it fully and you can only lead to super after that.
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User Info: jarodS

6 years ago#9
It's pretty much been covered but just to be a bit more clear -

Ankle slicer (QCF+L) will OTG but only fully charged. To be able to have enough time to get a fully charged one off before the opponent recovers can be a bit tricky when you first start out. The easiest way to make sure you do is just to end your air combo with the QCF+L air move (she looks like an arrow and goes diagonally down). That puts you on the ground at pretty much the same time as your opponent and leaves you plenty of time for the charge, and as mentioned you can cancel the ankle slicer into her rage trigger hyper combo for her basic bnb.
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User Info: S2Kid_V3

6 years ago#10
Like many have said Ankle slice fully charged works but keep in mind that Ankle slice is qcf + M not L
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  3. Does X-23 have any OTG attacks?

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