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TC, I think you misspelt Arthur(you put Arther)

User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
6 years ago#22
Should've arranged the characters in descending order of health imo. And yeah, since you went to the trouble you might as well put down the names of the assists.

Did not know Ironman had such a large damage buff in lvl 3 X Factor.
If The Bouncer was released in this day and age it would probably get perfect scores from every reviewer.

User Info: BornAgainDan

6 years ago#23
hey TC, you should add a section for character types (what is rushdown, keep away and so on) and team builds (what characters mesh well together) although the latter might be a bit too time consuming. but those are the two things my friends ask me the most.

User Info: ginfinitexe

6 years ago#24
Or you could just appreciate the work he's already done for free

User Info: BornAgainDan

6 years ago#25
didn't say i didn't appreciate. just making a suggestion, cupcake.

User Info: FastnFuriousx

6 years ago#26

User Info: supershadonic

6 years ago#27
Mega Man X for MvC3! Give us Megaman X!
Dirts:Paytendo(Nintendo) the 200xSued,MoneySucker(Microsoft).Lairs(IGNLamespot) and Keiji Inafune.

User Info: Heatherlover

6 years ago#28
oh that's why when I'm only left with 1 character then go into x-factor I have more damage and speed X-factor lv3 ftw!!

User Info: ____VS____

6 years ago#29
No fighting in my topic! All suggestions are welcome here. If people didnt then I would not of kept adding on to make the topic what it is now. It's no problem.

8 years and 4 accounts later I still can't quit my gamefaqs addiction....
(I will never turn down a fight in MVC3) PSN= OxDoX

User Info: BornAgainDan

6 years ago#30
by the way TC, you did do a great job with this. thanks for posting it.
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