Noob questions about combos (Dante, Vergil, Nova and Spencer)

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User Info: VictorySaber

4 years ago#1
I have problems to do certain combos and I really need help. First thing I'm on pad so probably this is more difficult for me? not sure! hopefully some pad players can give me advice.

1) Dante's Stinger -> bold cancel -> volcano... Dante jumps every time that I tried to do the volcano. Why I'm doing wrong? any tips or shortcuts to do this???? seems impossible the move just don't come out or I don't have enough time to do it before Dante jumps from the bold cancel.

Combo Video Example:

2) Vergil's combo: crouching low, standing medium, standing hard, stinger, dragon punch + low, hard to teleport back down, super jump forward medium, air medium, air hard, air special.

Combo Video Example:

The "super jump forward medium" part is the hard part here for me. I can't connect consistently this hit and I don't know why. I see people doing this combo all the time in streams and videos but it hard for me :(.

3) The Nova/Spencer "Combofiend" hard tag combo: After you land from the air "S" and do -> + hard to OTG and call the Spencer assist you are suppose to then do QCB + hard -> Energy Javelin -> hard tag into Spencer. The problem here is that the opponents rolls and recovers instead of being juggle by the javelin and spencer's hard tag kick.

Combo Video Example:

Thanks for all the help :)
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User Info: ChimeraXx

4 years ago#2
First of all, post in the UMVC3 board next time, this is Vanilla. But, I'll help you anyways.

1) Doing Stinger > Bold Cancel > Volcano
I find that this is only difficult with lag. The trick is to do it really fast basically. Right after the Stinger input, quickly input the Bold Cancel and the Volcano right after as well. It should all be a fast and smooth motion. Practice and you'll get it.

2) Doing DP into Super Jump confirm
Make sure you aren't doing the teleport to late, practice trying to get it soon after the DP. As for the Super Jump, be sure not to immediately press M after jumping. Delay it a bit. If you go too early, you'll only slash the air below the opponent whereas if you go too late, you'll only slash the air above the opponent. Once again, practice and get used to it.

3) Doing the "Combofiend" Raw Tag Combo
This one is actually pretty easy, the hardest part would be connecting the QCB H after the Grapple assist. But once you get that down, the rest is a piece of cake. So as your opponent is in a crumpled state (slowly falling), the easiest and sure way of getting the raw tag in properly is to mash the javelin after the QCB H. After you see Nova throwing the javelin, hold down the assist button to switch out Spencer. Doing this properly should cause Spencer to hit your opponent and then the javelin will hit right after. Actually, nevermind, THIS is the hardest part; connecting the S after raw tagging. The window is relatively tight on this. Whenever I do it, I feel as if thought I did it last second. Don't try to rush it.
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