No Cyclops In The Game makes me sad :(

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  3. No Cyclops In The Game makes me sad :(

User Info: ShinZeroTakerX

7 years ago#1
Nitsuma recently confirmed that Dr. Strange, Demitri & Cyclops Won't be in MVC3.
This just made me a little sad.....Dr.Strange and Demitri I can understand (especially demitri because of the whole space thing, I'll just wait for the darkstalkers game), but no Cyclops? WTF! God's Son, The Comeback Kid won't be in MVC3 WTF! He is very popular so why not??? No Jean Splices and Optic Blast MVC3.....That made me sad.
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User Info: Soljah

7 years ago#2
we really need MORE projectiles in this game >.>
QQ more
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User Info: Pitaya

7 years ago#3
Good. Less X-Men whoring, the better.
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User Info: Danny_Lifted

7 years ago#4
yeah good ridance, never cared much for cyclops

User Info: Krow_Incarnate

7 years ago#5
Personally, I'd love him.

But, oh well.
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User Info: Zig_the_hunter

7 years ago#6

meh, i don't like him much.

User Info: playboydojo

7 years ago#7
It does seem odd, considering his prominence in mutantkind. Considering the odd way in which he was deconfirmed, I'm guessing there's something else going on involving him.

...Can't imagine what, though.
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User Info: liamx2000

7 years ago#8
Im just getting angry with the marvel side we havent got one woman !!!!

I need



jean grey


emma frost

ms marvel


i know they wont all be in , but i hope at least 3 from my list will make it in , i love the female cast in fighting games

User Info: KCJ5062

7 years ago#9
Eh it's not the first time he hasn't been playable in a crossover. He wasn't in MSH, was only an assist in MVC1 and wasn't even supposed to be in MSHvsSF. He was only in because of licensing issues with Iron Man.

He couldn't even make to the initial roster of either MUA game.

User Info: Superman5588

7 years ago#10

Cyclops really gets the shaft in everything except the comics lately. I'm with you OP, he was my best player from the first game. I think he's popular enough for DLC, but we'll see.

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  3. No Cyclops In The Game makes me sad :(

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