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User Info: flintsky21

6 years ago#1
I updated my rosters manually based on the latest trades/signings that were done recently.. I then tried playing the association mode, but the rosters were immediately restored to default every time I start an association. Any roster updates you made isn't carried over when you play Association. This may not be a major thing, just saying.

Also, maybe it's just me but I find this year's AI (Hall-of-Fame) less difficult than the 2k10 version. Anyways, the best improvement I found were the playing courts. Each homecourt is varied in terms of building design, crowd lay-out, overhead screens. The surface of the floor looked better too. The colors are also more accurate now, for example, the bull's homecourt motif is actually RED now compared to last year which was pale red/pink.

User Info: mike_swizzle

6 years ago#2
yeah, same here.. I'm just a bit disappointed that I can't play my updated rosters in the association mode..
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User Info: 313detroit313

6 years ago#3
I can understand returning to default rosters if you are playing ad-hoc/online against another person, but not for 'The Association' mode. That's a pretty crappy development as it also means that all players will have the default generic white shoes - though you can still edit your own player's shoes.

User Info: etrain3939

6 years ago#4
how do you edit rosters? there is no edit feature....fixing manually stinks, i wish they had download feature....anyway to download somehow? i dont know about you, but i would love to have perfect rosters

User Info: pakinsyet

6 years ago#5

Everybody would love to play with updated rosters for sure. Too bad it ain't happening with Association Mode

User Info: etrain3939

6 years ago#6
again how do i edit rosters manually? didnt see edit mode where i can sign, trade, and release players...can someone answer me that question? also, is there a way i can download rosters from some website or someone and transfer it to psp?

User Info: pauzki16

6 years ago#7
You can edit your roster under the Manage roster option. Select a player you wish to transfer and trade . There you go.. but sadly .. You can't play the association mode with your updated rosters *sigh* .. IDK also if there's a DLC of updated Rosters ..

User Info: flintsky21

6 years ago#8

well, this is disappointing as most of us want to play association/season with updated rosters. I myself am quite obsessed in updating the rosters even including the accesories (sleeves/arm bands/knee pads), I even check the NBA website's photo gallery frequently to update my game with each player's accesories.

Well, while it may seem bad that it always resorts to default, I don't think it's really a major problem for people playing the association. Teams in association do trades regularly so after 2 or 3 seasons, there will be A LOT of player movements within the association already that it doesn't matter much whichever roster you started your association with.

I just wished they could have put more rookies into the game. I checked last year's version (yep, its still in my psp) and found out that 20+ rookies are available. How could they left out Wes Johnson?? :)

User Info: axxis101

6 years ago#9
I agree with you all about the "Restoring Default Rosters" thing. I liked 2k10 because it didn't do that. Meaning I could use my created player which I assigned to the Lakers and play an entire season. I guess our alternative is to play the My Player mode in 2k11, and start from scratch, instead of 99stats LOL.
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User Info: usttigers

6 years ago#10

if you want to edit your rosters in the ASSOCIATION MODE,, I suggest to TURN ON THE TRADE OVERRIDE JUST BEFORE YOU START THE ASSOCIATION, in the settings..

You can trade your players to update the rosters, and other teams cant do anything but to agree on the trade...
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