Revenant vs Phaeston

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User Info: xTwilightxHerox

5 years ago#1
In multiplayer, which one do you prefer the most? The Phaeston seems good since it got buffed. I didnt use the Revenant yet but the sightly more damage it has over the Phaeston seems useful.

User Info: charon78au

5 years ago#2
Turian soldier is the only class that can use the revenant well.

Turian sentinel can get by OK. The krogans can use it up close, but this is sub-optimal.

With other classes, go for something more accurate.
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User Info: lalala_la

5 years ago#3
When it shows that the Revenant has slightly more damage than the Phaeston, is that for each individual shot? Because with their high firing rates, that would still result in a large difference in damage dealt.

User Info: yoyomaster0

5 years ago#4

I think its per clip. Like each clip will do 400 dmg for the Phaeston and the Rev will do 380 total. (numbers are fake just examples)

User Info: primusnine

5 years ago#5
Haven't unlocked the Phaeston, but the Revenant with my Turian Soldier is quite a sight to behold. Pop Marksman and near double the firing rate while remaining completely on target means insane damage.

Garrus calibrated my guns, you see.

User Info: Raziel-Freya

5 years ago#6
I use the Phaeston with my Quarian Engineer and y detroy everything in my sight :D

User Info: lalala_la

5 years ago#7
Maybe it was because of the performance issues I was having on my computer (yeah PC user here), but when I used Revenant on my turian soldier I couldn't do crap. I scored last place, with one-third the score of the guy above me.

Think I'll give Phaeston a try next....on a lower difficulty. It also has a faster reload animation so that should be nice.
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