Max shield regen rate

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User Info: lollazers

5 years ago#1
So in-game, I have zero shield recharge delay. As soon as I stop getting shot, it's filling up. There is no perceptible delay between "decreasing" and "increasing". And I can easily perceive a delay of 100ms.

But I can't quite figure out the math on this.
Krestel Helm: +10%
Kassa BP: +10%
Defense Matrix: +15%
Fitness: +15%
... so that's +50% by myself

Javik: Vengeful Ancient: +20%
Kaidan: Alliance Officer: +15%
... total of +85% with squadmates

There are no upgrades (from the terminal in Liara's quarters) that affect shield recharge delay.

The base shield recharge speed is what, 3 seconds? So 15% of that is 450ms. And it's certainly not a half-second.

If the effects were multiplicative, it would be 1.2 seconds or something. So that's not it.

What am I missing here in my calculation?
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