People with modded eyes, hair, ect.

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User Info: RHDF20BPrelude

5 years ago#1
If you used a modded character in ME1, did they transfer to ME2, with the changes, or did they even transfer at all correctly?

I'm in a situation where I have to play 1 and 2 over due to my place getting broke into(and everything electronic...including a freaking DREAMCAST getting taken). I had 3 characters that went through 1 and 2, but I never used mods, or non standard hair because I didnt if it would transfer over.

This time I want to mod the character, but does anyone know if stuff transferred correctly in ME1>ME2?
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User Info: GrimHero

5 years ago#2
I don't see it being able to transfer. Unless the mod was built for both, and they figured a way to transfer between.
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User Info: johnny_pay

5 years ago#3
dont know about the mods but if i was robbing someones house and i saw a dreamcast id take it. megadrive would be better but still who doesnt want to play as super sonic
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