ME3 Can't import face WORK-AROUND

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User Info: VvAndromedavV

5 years ago#1

The bad news is that if your ME2 character was imported from ME1 he or she has no face code in ME2. This means that you can't import your Shepard's custom appearance into ME3.


The good news is there's a work-around. It's a bit tedious but it's not hard. All you need to do is find out your ME1 face code and plug it onto ME3.


But how do you find your ME1 face code on the XBOX?


Basically what you do is this:

1. Load up your ME2 character and create a new save file.

2. Move that save to a USB. The key word here is "MOVE"---you cannot "COPY" a save. This is why you created a NEW save for this purpose only.

3. Plug your USB into your PC. Follow the steps in this link: How to find your ME1 face code. You will need to download a free program in order to extract your save, and then you will need to upload that save to a free website in order to see your ME1 face code.


The only hitch is that your face code will NOT include complexion, scars, hair color, or eyebrow shape. Easy: just change those manually.

Your nose shape is also not included in your face code. This takes a small amount of effort to fix but here is what you do:

1. Start a new ME2 game and import your Shepard from ME1.

2. On the character creation screen choose "custom appearance" and put in your face code from ME1.

3. Tweak the complexion, scars, hair color, and eyebrow shape. Re-create the nose (this is pretty easy because your imported Shepard is there for you to use as a comparison).

LAST STEP: Write down the code from the character creation screen in ME2, plug it into ME3, bingo, there's your Shepard.


This works, and it works well. I used it to import my ME1/ME2 Shepard and she looks like the same Shepard I've been playing since ME1.

Please note that due to changes in textures, etc. your Shepard will look slightly different but no different than he or she would look if you were actually able to import your ME2 face in the first place.


I tried to post this in the Bioware forums but I can't post for 24 hours after registration. If someone could copy this post over to the Bioware forums that would be awesome; I want people to know there's a workaround so they don't have to wait for an official statement from Bioware.

User Info: SelectGender

5 years ago#2
First Sticky request for ME3?

User Info: incinerator950

5 years ago#3
Congratulations on telling everyone how to use a save editor, they already have it.

Also, you forgot to post the link.

User Info: Strakadh_OF

5 years ago#4
Its easier to do it this way.

Import ME1 Shepard into ME2.

Use Custom Appearance to make a ME2 Shepard that looks like the old one, it took me about 5 minutes, and I spent more than 30 when ME1 came out, I had a lot of customization but its still easy.

Check back to compare the two faces and you should have it done in no time, I even got to fix his eyes, somehow through 100+ hours I never noticed his eyes were sunken into the back of his head lol.

Not as annoying as I expected it to be.
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User Info: Feartheliving

5 years ago#5
Does this import fail only effect your shepard's face? Also heard bout people losing choices and such.
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User Info: VvAndromedavV

5 years ago#6

incinerator950 posted...
Congratulations on telling everyone how to use a save editor, they already have it.

Also, you forgot to post the link.


Thanks for stoping by a thread you didn't care about just to grace us all with a snarky response about how you already have a save editor.

I love how on the internet you can't post helpful information without someone coming along to troll you. If that's how you enjoy spending your time that's your prerogative but it sounds like a personal problem.

I'm guessing by "everyone" you mean "you personally." I, for one, didn't know that you could edit an XBOX360 save until this morning (which flies in the face of your theory that "everyone" knows this).

I see the link in my post. I don't know why you don't.

User Info: VvAndromedavV

5 years ago#7

I don't see how you could possibly lose choices this way. All you do is import your save from ME2 and then on the character creation screen you plug in your face code at the bottom.

Entering a face code during character creation has nothing to do with the data contained in your imported file.

User Info: deadlung

5 years ago#8
I can't even import my ME2 save. I get a message stating that one or more save files are corrupt and cannot be imported. Nice.
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