Elcor/Dekuuna Mission

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User Info: Fencer Hayato

Fencer Hayato
5 years ago#1
I cant seem to find this on my galaxy map for this mission. Any help? Thanks

User Info: Fencer Hayato

Fencer Hayato
5 years ago#2
nvm got it

User Info: azure556

5 years ago#3
so where is it?
i cant seem to find it.

User Info: azure556

5 years ago#4

User Info: azure556

5 years ago#5

User Info: sigfriedjk

5 years ago#6
Same thing happened to me. Couldn't find it on the map and the next time I was on the Citadel, it allowed me to talk to the Elcor Ambassador and complete the mission (without me doing anything). Might be a bug. If you can't find the planet, go see if it is already complete.


5 years ago#7
Bump, because I'm stuck on this.
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User Info: BDJayce

5 years ago#8
I just did a mission to find some kind of ancient thing there.. then I talked to the Ambassador.. and now I can't seem to do anything with the planet.. Did I do that other mission too early or start this one too late?
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User Info: Shado Man

Shado Man
5 years ago#9
I'm in the same situation as the above poster. Does anybody know the answer?

Edit: Scratch that. I just returned to the Citadel and talked to the Ambassador. I guess when I recovered the Artifact it counted the support mission as well.
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User Info: ChaoticWings

5 years ago#10
I thought Dekuuna was in the Silean Nebula. In a different system of that particular nebula. Am I wrong or is my game bugged, cause there don't seem to beany other systems in the Silean nebula at all.
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