Is this the most depressing game you ever played?

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  3. Is this the most depressing game you ever played?

User Info: ipra777

5 years ago#1

It sure was for me. I watched my friends/former squadmates die, and then during the final mission I couldn't believe what was happening. It all felt like a bad dream.

User Info: generalhs

5 years ago#2
Never play Nier.

User Info: Commando-38

5 years ago#3

I wasn't depressed but that's only because I was filled with an immeasurable amount of rage for the poorly done half-baked Monty Hall ending… Pick a door... it doesn't matter they all suck anyway!

… get thanks Monty!

User Info: Chr0noid

5 years ago#4
It is going to take me years of therapy and a crap ton of drugs to get over this horribly depressing and bleak ending.
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User Info: Michotic

5 years ago#5
Game - Epic.

Ending - Terribad.
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User Info: incinerator950

5 years ago#6
No, although DS2's ending was a lot more satisfying. ME 3's ending is just cool, you have to actually think about the endings and their effects.

A lot of people wanted a Soap ending for closure.

User Info: ih0tfirei

5 years ago#7
Heavy rain still wins that title for me.

User Info: Crystal_Dream

5 years ago#8
Nah, I'd say Persona 3.
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User Info: Amber_Marie

5 years ago#9
generalhs posted...
Never play Nier.

That. Xenosaga 3 is pretty damn depressing, too.
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User Info: Red01MustangGT

5 years ago#10
Back to the Future on NES... stay away from it.
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  3. Is this the most depressing game you ever played?

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