How the hell do you get a 5000 Effective military strength? (SPOILERS)

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User Info: ERYT13

5 years ago#21
I mainly game on the ps3 but since I started at ME1 I got this for 360, and I dont have live anymore so it's not fair to people like me. I did a lot of things in the game and only ended up with an ems of like 3550
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User Info: hellslinger

5 years ago#22

From: TheLocalTemplar | #020
I just completed my first play through and chose to destroy the Reapers, I had 3012 EMS and Shepard died. One thing I do know is that a huge way to get and advantage in your EMS is doing the "Bring Down the Sky" DLC from ME1 because you get the entire Batarian fleet. The multiplayer is a good way to get your readiness up, and you can track that in the singleplayer by periodically asking Hackett here and there. Plus, all the DLC from ME2 has a huge part in the EMS as well. A NG+ does give you a boost in TMS so you do have a greater chance. I Just want to see Shepard live through it! I mean I am happy he goes out a hero for everyone, but I'd like to see him live through the battle for everything he's done.

Okay cool, so I guess I might start another game with a ME3 save instead of importing another one of my Shepards.

User Info: ShinRaKnight

5 years ago#23
Just play the MP.

Your readiness actually climbs pretty fast. a few matches and you will have it.
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User Info: LotrMorgoth

5 years ago#24
though i looked at the available endings


apparently the only thing that changes if your readiness is that high is an additional scene where Shepard breathes under rubble. so he "lives" but everything else is the same, no more info or anything
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User Info: outlawstar289

5 years ago#25
I have a little over 6000 now and I don't even have the geth at my side, or the krogan maxed out since I destroyed Maelon's data

My readiness is at 100% though
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User Info: ApneicMonkey

5 years ago#26

SearchmanV16 posted...
I have a 4740 EMS and I skipped a lot of missions, and I have a 99% galaxy readyness rating, and my Shep still died at the end, cmon man.
Lets go Heat.


Make sure you're not confusing Total War Assets with the Effective Military Strength - I've seen a lot of people doing this because the whole thing is confusing to say the least.

When you access the War Terminal on the Normandy to check your numbers, you see something like this:


Total War Assets: 5024 (the total number of everything you've collected)

Galactic Readiness: 50% (your base Multiplayer level)

Effective Military Strength: 2562 (the number that actually matters to the end of the game - your Total War Assets multiplied by your Galactic Readiness).

There is also a green bar that fills up that is completely worthless and tells you nothing.


Right now, it seems like no one at all has reached 4000-5000 EMS (the number needed for the 'best' ending) in ME3 without touching the Multiplayer which effectively means that Bioware lied about Multiplayer being optional and not necessary to get the complete story exeprience.

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  3. How the hell do you get a 5000 Effective military strength? (SPOILERS)

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