Best Squad for Final Battle?

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User Info: SkaterUB

5 years ago#1
I'm a soldier on insanity and wondering who the best choices are for the final battle sequence. Any help?
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User Info: Kollawona

5 years ago#2
Depends how you play. I chose Garrus and Ashley because they were my favorites and they did great.

User Info: Gettles

5 years ago#3
Honestly James's Inferno Ammo helps a lot.
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User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#4
I chose Liara and Tali, Tali for her combat drones, and Liara for her singularity. That coupled with Shephards's soldier skills worked pretty well. At least it got me through it.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

5 years ago#5
Liara for Stasis and Warp
Garus for Overload and Weapon Damage
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

5 years ago#6
I chose Garrus and Liara with my Solderr, with AP ammo as my Bonus power.

It was pretty good Garrus and I had Concussive shot, and Liara had warp to kill bariers, then Garrus and I had AP ammo to just own any armored targets. Not to mention Stasis, and Garrus being utter awesome with a Widow.
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User Info: AnimeNut

5 years ago#7
I chose Tali and Garrus, mostly because of that final chat they had in the Normandy's battery room. Shepard recognized the fact they stuck with him longer than anybody else, so I couldn't bring myself to choose anybody else.

That said, they're also excellent for the final battle. Upgrade Tali's combat drone so it becomes a floating rocket launcher, and it can take out brutes before they ever reach you. Garrus' overload (with chain reaction upgrades), trip mines, and armor-piercing ammo are invaluable against defenders. You'll only have trouble with banshees (Tali's energy drain does help), but they're a pain no matter who you bring.

User Info: nananabatman

5 years ago#8
I chose Liara and Vega.

Liara because I boinked her.
Vega because I wanted some house music playing in the background.
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