Wow... my Victory Pack was lame...

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  3. Wow... my Victory Pack was lame...

User Info: HughJorgenn

5 years ago#21
All my victory packs have been equipment and not weapons.

User Info: KaizerFree

5 years ago#22

shadowoftheark posted...
+5 to all consumables.
A Sniper Rifle Rail Amp II
A Power Efficiency Module Amp II

Are all Victory Packs this cruddy?
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I feel your pain, man. I too only got +5 to all consumables, +2 missiles

User Info: chicostick

5 years ago#23
well It was my first time getting a Victory pack, are most of them just give you equipments? that's all I got

User Info: h3IIfir3pho3nix

5 years ago#24
I remember I got a Revenant from my Brute VP, but since then it's all been lame consumables :(
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  3. Wow... my Victory Pack was lame...

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