best/ most memorable quotes in the series.

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User Info: mrolympia78

5 years ago#1
hello there, welcome to morlan's famous shop. you want many good supplies, yes? - ME1

I am a biotic god! - ME2

I don't need luck, I have ammo. - ME3
Gary Barta, please hire an real football coach, not someone only interested in collecting his paycheck and half-assing it the rest of the time. started 11/30/11

User Info: 03343

5 years ago#2
Because its a big stupid Jellyfish- ME 1

Show me yours tough guy, bet mines bigger- ME2

I'm Garrus Volkyrian and this is my new favortie spot on the Citidel- ME3
I'm just saying Im feeling a wee bit threatened here. Alot of female energy, and I'm just one man.

User Info: master_gamr1231

5 years ago#3
I hope the Reapers send you to hell. - ME 3

Hey, everyone! This store discriminates against the poor! - ME 2

Are you trying to start an interstellar war?! What the HELL is WRONG with you?! - ME 2

Anderson? I didn't call for y... *punch* - ME 1
Why do people... betray one another? They might as well... all just die instead.
Welcome to my kingdom!

User Info: Smackdowner1

5 years ago#4
"The cable, I'm going to cut it."
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User Info: edgeworlds

5 years ago#5
Heh, I'lll bite...

"Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations." ME2


"I will destroy you!" ME1

"I should go." All

User Info: RedThane

5 years ago#6
We'll bang, OK?
Opinions are just something made up by school counselors to console kids who prefer the wrong ice cream flavour.

User Info: mastersoap117

5 years ago#7
If these "executives" don't blame Anoleis for provoking this, they're fools. You should eat them.
-ME1 Wrex
GT: Sons Of Swag
A certain trolls GT: Chauvanistic

User Info: BigRaff87

5 years ago#8

"Maybe I control the homosexuals."- Colon_three of GFaqs?

User Info: TheWhirr

5 years ago#9
Shepard:"I can handle this, Wreav"
Wreav:"So can my shotgun!"
"Who are you?" The beginning of an adventure

User Info: kaytronic

5 years ago#10
I had reach, but she had flexibility.
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