Upgrading Weapons

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User Info: DaKillr

5 years ago#1
Spoilers might be below...

Imported an ME3 character so I can upgrade my weapons to level 10 but have a couple questions about it. If I take a level 4 Mattock to Grisshom Academy and sent David Archer there, will it upgrade to level 10 with the 2 guns I can pick up at the Academy or will it just count the 3 upgrades for one of them?

And how do I level up the Predator to level 10. I leveled it upto level 5 in my first playthrough but when I finally was able to upgrade it again, it would only let my level it upto level 7 and wouldn't give me another option?

And do I have to pick up the gun on the 2nd playthrough to be able to upgrade it to level 10 or can I just buy it like normal?
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User Info: uberschveinen

5 years ago#2
First playthrough, the second Mattock gives you +1. Second playthrough, the first Mattock gives you +3 and the second gives you, again, +1.

No I don't know why.
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