Anyone going for gold?

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User Info: scorpionpwnsall

5 years ago#1
I have
Kroguard Lvl 19

Drellguard LVl 19

Human Infiltrator Lvl 20

Human Sentinal Lvl 18

Gethgineer Lvl 17 or 18

Quarian Engineer Lvl 15

anyone going for gold and what maps and suggested character i should play.
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User Info: Veras_Gunn

5 years ago#2
On gold? Fight Geth, on Firebase White. Best choices are either Engineer or Infiltrator. Salarian's best for Engineer, otherwise probably go with human, they're incredibly strong. Female Quarian Infiltrator's are recommended against Geth, Salarian's also good because of the energy drain, but human could work in a pinch.

Given what you've said, I'd probably go with human Engineer. They're stronger than the Quarian Engineers, and human infiltrators are kind of weaker end of the infiltrator.
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