Should Geth have Rights? (Spoilers)

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User Info: AllDay524

5 years ago#61
From: Sociopathix | #060
F*** the geth, other then legion every other geth has shot am me. I won't love the 'race' because one is cool. They are souless machines built for our convenience.

Nuhuh, that one random Geth prime at the end of the Rannoch Mission didn't shoot at you. And if we delve into the multiplayer, multiple random Geth Infiltrators and Engineers didn't shoot at you either.
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User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#62
AllDay524 posted...

Nuhuh, that one random Geth prime at the end of the Rannoch Mission didn't shoot at you. And if we delve into the multiplayer, multiple random Geth Infiltrators and Engineers didn't shoot at you either.

Well... most of them don't.
And since Legion more or less IS the surviving Geth with that whole collective thing one cool example does indeed transfer to the whole race.

And personally anyone trying to use the Morning War as justification for Gethicide needs to really think more about such things as "burdens of proof"
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User Info: B01t

5 years ago#63
I believe that the Geth should be given full rights. Then again, i prefer them over the quarians lol. If i didn't have the ability to unify them, buh-bye Tali!

Seriously thought, Legion and his people were self-aware and as intelligent (more intelligent?) as organic races such as the humans or quarians.
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User Info: m9_Illusive_Man

5 years ago#64
The game makes a point to tell you they are Artificial or Machines many times. They only ones who don't are the Geth. They are not alive.

Saying that organics are bad too, is not a reason to save the Geth. In fact, that's why they will kill us at some point. Destroy them at your first chance or make peace with them and the Quarians. And then make the sun go super nova. We told the Quarians not to make those machines and they did. So they die too. The punishment needs to be harsh if you want to teach a lesson. That should be the choice in this game. Do you let the Geth Kill all the Quaraians and THEN destroy the Geth with Destroy. Or do you spare all those annoying Quarians who started this whole problem. How you can argue with Javik about this is astounding. EDI describes the Geth the way Reapers are described to sound speaking. Ohhh but our cycle is so different...delusions. Air lock.
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User Info: m9_Illusive_Man

5 years ago#65
Why couldn't the Geth find another planet? They are smart enough to understand why the Quarians wanted their planet back. They are not alive. They are superior in intelligence, strength, and numbers. They have no concept of time and they never get tired. I assume the Reapers are the result of the first cycles machines. Legion is not a he. It is a They. It is the face of many Geth programs. You personify it and it is a weakness. They use it to their advantage. He doesn't have your N7 armor because hes just a huge fan. If gods didn't create organics in their image, then organics should not create gods in theirs.
This meeting has no purpose. The humans are wasting your time, Councilor. And mine.

User Info: merc_nine

5 years ago#66
Have any geth been destroyed until this game? I know your killed their platform, but dont they exist in the servers or something. So its not really even. I think they are not alive. I think they mimics life very well. Its the best way to get you to let them live. And they almooost get you to give them the Reaper upgrades, but I know no one in here did that, because Reapers are bad, and we know that everything that uses Reaper tech is indoctrinated. Its like making little mini Reapers.

User Info: vicil

5 years ago#67
That is the true paragon and renegade decision isn't it?
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User Info: merc_nine

5 years ago#68
The Geth didnt kill the Quarians because they are smart. They knew that if they did, then organics would definitely destroy them. Theyve been studying organic responses. Think of how you'll respond to what I say. Now think of every reaction I could have to every possible way you respond. Do that a million times. Thats what they do. Screw rights. Destroy them. Who cares if they have rights? Still Destroy them. Who cares if they alive at some point? Still Destroy them. Its just time. The Reapers story would make more sense if it said that they were coming, not to harvest organics, but to destroy machines before they can oppose them.

User Info: Mellow_RG

5 years ago#69
I believe in the theory of evolution

we didn't start out like this. It was a long process starting from simple rudimentary lifeforms.

Geth has similar makings

They weren't designed to be self-aware/sentient. It was something the gradually developed by being networked with each other.
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User Info: TaafeMJ

5 years ago#70
First, this is by far the most interesting thread I've seen on these forums in a long time.

But count me in on the "Geth deserve rights" section of things.

The Geth aren't organic. They don't grow, they don't reproduce (at least not biologically), and they didn't come about naturally (that is, they didn't start out as a microorganism and evolve over millions of years). They aren't "alive", by the standard definition.

However, the standard definition of "alive" was written well before artificial intelligence was even possible. But they do have consciousness, curiosity, free will, and complex thoughts. They have opinions on things. They have a sense of self-preservation. They also have shown a propensity to avoid genocide. They could have wiped the Quarians out during the Morning War, but they chose not to. They fought because the Quarians were trying to wipe them out. Once the Quarians stopped fighting them, the Geth broke off pursuit. They made a conscious decision to preserve the Quarian species.

They allied with the organic races against the Reapers. They helped the Quarians settle on Rannoch once their conflict with the Quarians was over. With the exception of the Heretics, the Geth never attacked organics unless they were attacked first.

None of the council races, including Humanity, has that kind of record. The council races all but committed genocide against the Rachni. They neutered the Krogan. Humans and Turians started a war the first time they saw each other. The Quarians tried to exterminate the Geth, and lost. Batarians still practice slavery. Asari do to, with a nice little loophole that makes them feel better about it (indentured servitude).

So yes, I think if any race has earned their rights, it's the Geth.
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