The control ending seems better than the destroy ending now *spoilers*

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  3. The control ending seems better than the destroy ending now *spoilers*

User Info: KarmaZero

5 years ago#1
in the control ending, the citadel isn't ruined, reapers are shown repairing all the relays and pretty much sharing their technology with the galaxy. this ending seemed much more beneficial to everyone in the galaxy than destroy where the remaining people are left to repair all the damage/technology

User Info: anothrgamer1234

5 years ago#2
That looks true at first glance, but something's not quite right about it- Shepard using the Reapers as "guardians of the galaxy" sounds disturbingly like a police state (albeit one run by mechanical abominations). And remember the old saying that "absolute power corrupts absolutely"- even a fully Paragon Shepard is bound to succumb to the temptation of abusing his or her power eventually. If (or when) that happens, who's going to save the galaxy then?
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User Info: KarmaZero

5 years ago#3
good point, might be worth the risk though if you assume that the reaper tech being shared would make everyone advanced enough to deal with them in the future

User Info: Artemis_Fei

5 years ago#4
I went Destroy because **** it, Reapers have been on my ass since the first game. Destroy 'em all.
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User Info: _Shuyin_

5 years ago#5
Why do people jump to the conclusion that Shepard will become corrupted or something in the Control Ending? The ending itself is obviously giving us the message that Shepard is now a guardian of the galaxy. To watch over and protect the people that are there and those who are still to come.
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User Info: lorddrago88

5 years ago#6
Destroy: Real ending
Refusal: Glorified game over
Synthesis: Starchild wins.
Control: Tyranny.
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User Info: Legendary_Musas

5 years ago#7
I think he means using the Reapers against any other big threat that pops up not as a Nuclear deterrent.
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User Info: JulesCorn

5 years ago#8
Even ignoring corruption. What about SANITY?

What is Shepard now? A vague hub of energy and thought or something? That's not human, who does he talk too? How does he keep his mind sharp.

What happens after year 275?

Year 2750?

Year 27,506?
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User Info: DarkTidus275

5 years ago#9
Two quotes from this Youtube video of the new Control ending.

"There is power in control... I will restore what many have fought for. I will lead an army that no one will dare oppose. I will protect. Defend. I will destroy those who threaten the future of the many."
Bloody hell Shepard, you really -did- turn into one of them!

And my own Quote

Am I the only person that finds this just a little creepy?
I mean of all the endings, this one is the closest to well... the exact theory I read in a Fanfic and some people have posted. If "Shepard" is now the Reapers as a whole, who or what is to say that sometime in the future (since He/She is now infinite/immortal) Shep wont start the bloody cycle all over again because "The Many" have decided to threaten their own peace/freedom?
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User Info: Starrman4

5 years ago#10
The music that plays during this ending is even creepy.
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  3. The control ending seems better than the destroy ending now *spoilers*

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