All of Bioware's Server are down.

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User Info: I-ROX-HRD

5 years ago#31
Kittah4 posted...
I was buying a PSP the instant it went down. I better have my credits or new stuff when it gets back up...

No you don't get them back...

Happened to me a few times, sad to be the bearer bad news

User Info: dragnhuntr666

5 years ago#32
I am hoping that they are fixing the glitches, especially the Missile Glitch. That kinda had me spending more time looking for games than actually playing them. GrantedI use a Saber 1 with mah Sentinal Krogan, but I play fair and not cheat. Plus with the new characters, there is no need for glitching when they are played properly.
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  3. All of Bioware's Server are down.

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