My idea for next ME game

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User Info: RKOMe2011

5 years ago#1
I have another idea for a new ME game no this int my other idea called the Awakening some liked that idea of mine but others said I was copying stuff already done.

On my new deal it would be a Stand Alone deal, and you would be the MC of that game, no connections to the Shepard Trilogy.

No Characters from the Shepard Trilogy this is a new deal in a new direction basically almost a new IP with the ME Name.

Everythng upgraded, changed, & Overhauled an almost reboot of the series but Shepard is done & finished and so are the characters of that game.

New characters, new enemies, new sectors of space, space-combat.

I would use some of my ideas from my other Fan-Fiction game I dubbed the Awakening such as the new ship I made called the UCOF Warbreaker.

In my new game there is no Citadel, no EA, no official goverments, they are now competing corporations fightinging for control, power & resources.

The UCOF is created through reverse egineering found of left over Collector/Reaper & Geth Tech as my game is set 1,000 years into the future they found these TECH hidden on the planets where Shepard's battles took place such as TChunka, Thessia, and Eden Prime. The UCOF reversed egineered and made the most state of the art ship ever made the UCOF Warbreaker.

There will be a new enemy in my game called the Pandoriums. no these are nothing like the Reapers, Levithans, Collectors or Geth, They are not Robotic. They are Ancient, Immortal, Advanced in Tech, Weapons and thier knowledge but they are traped in a difffrent dimension. They can not reach our Dimension cause they need a Relic to open the way here.

I was thinking of calling this game - ME - Call To Arms, ME Rise of Evil, ME Darkness Falls, ME - Dark Ressurection

The Pandoriums wouldnt be physically seen in this game. this would be thier introduction and sets up for a bigger game but we would learn more about them.

Space-Combat would be seen in this game cause the UCOF Warbreaker has a Fighter Launcher Bay and you launch from there you would fight off against Rival Corp called the Shadow Guard Corporation.

Mercenaries would also be seen in the game and new groups. so sorry no Blood Back, Blue Suns, or others this is 1000 years in a new direction.

I am making this game fan fiction cause Bioware stated that Shepard is done & finished and future games he wouldnt be in them so my new title reflects this.

People dont even say that my Pandoriums are a rip off they are not nor are they anything like or look alike Collectors/Reapers (Harbringer) or anything else. This is a new deal also Organic not Robotic/Synthetic.

User Info: CaseyJonez

5 years ago#2
How about nothing?

The last decade has seen too man sequels and prequels. How about a new game that is as epic as Mass Effect (or greater) instead?
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User Info: maturin1919

5 years ago#3
CaseyJonez posted...
How about nothing?

The last decade has seen too man sequels and prequels. How about a new game that is as epic as Mass Effect (or greater) instead?

I like the thought, but sales are suffering and developers are more willing to spend time and money making games with an established fanbase. They know they're going to make money.

That being said, I am incredibly excited about Dishonored, I hope it's as good as it looks.
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User Info: PsyrenCall

5 years ago#4
I want them to follow through on the Synthesis ending, have it star a new character, but with plenty of old characters returning, and to have it center around a growing conspiracy about Synthesis actually being a surreptitious form of mind control the Reapers are using to keep the people of the galaxy in line without having to harvest them. I want the eerie, creepy, "who's on our side who isn't?" type deal.
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User Info: Rizzonater

5 years ago#5
Personally, I think having no character ties whatsoever is silly. The game can focus on a different section of the galaxy, and even a different race, but the sheer amount of people in prominent positions that Shepard knows makes having no ties unlikely
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User Info: RKOMe2011

5 years ago#6
People get this point through your thick skulls or do you dont understand plain english.

This game isnt a spin-off, it isnt a sequel to the Shepard Trilogy, it is basically almost a new IP meaning no Shepard, no characters from the Shepard Trilogy and nothing will be used from the Shepard Trilogy.

Hence the 1,000 year date set in the year 3183. this game is in the year 3183. also this explains in my game why they are no EA, no Citadel and nothing from the Shepard Trilogy.

Just the left over Reaper/Collector and Geth Tech which the UCOF has reversed egineereed into the the Warbreaker this makes the UCOF the top dog only other that can rival them are the Shadow Guard Corp.

Mass Relays are polices like check-points sort of like a blockade, resources and others stuff are hard to come by cause of the Shepard Trilogy the Universe is almost all depleted of all Resources.

So now we have these competing Corporations such as the UCOF and the Shadow Guard fighting for the remaining last few resources.

Also this is why the Mass Relays are now policed it keeps Scavengers, and other greedy people from getting them and gaining the upper hand.

The Pandoriums are my creation and this is and would be a new deal, like I said there not even in this Universe or in the Sol System they need an ancient Relic of immense power to come to our Dimension.

The game would introduce us to these Dark Overlords I would also make the Pandoriums something like the Overlords seen in Falling Skies but have some Charactistics of the Collectors like a new cross-breed.

I am working on more I also have new ideas on how to use the Kinect for my game such as Customizing weapons you can Take aparr and re-arrange weapons similar towards the Tom Clancy game. But there is a catch to my version.

You can only use weapons when you reach a certain LVL say a LVL 20 you can use Rapid Fire Sniper Rifles. LVL 30s can use a Rocket Launcher.

Also new is the new 2nd Fire Alt Burst Mode. Which can only be activated and used when the meter is filled. Also your Omni Blade would also have a 2nd Attack and I would make these blades nothing like the Omni seen in ME 3.

Like I said this game is basically almost a new IP this I am trying to explain only deal it is still using the ME name but would have a sub tite in the name.

I am working on more on this game and I hope you like what I am working on.

Sorry for the blog but I am bored & TV sucks tonight so I got creative and I am working on this. I dont wanan loose this as my mind only works good when I am bored like this.

User Info: Ryan-06

5 years ago#7
Your game won't come out. You don't work for BW or anybody, or have access to the IP. Keep on writing out of boredom though. Btw I personally don't watch tv as much thanks to the net. News, fun etc. Since when I do use a TV its usually for gaming.
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User Info: CaseyJonez

5 years ago#8
RKOMe2011 posted...
People get this point through your thick skulls

Nobody wants it.
My brother's favorite number was always eight, symmetrical and clean.

User Info: RKOMe2011

5 years ago#9
No I dont work for Bioware. But Bioware wants user created ideas to come up with the next ME game.

So I will keep on working on my ideas and maybe just maybe it will get some attention.

I really dont care what you people think at least I am trying to be creative and come up with a new Fan Fiction ME game.

Sometimes the smallest things get noticed and becomes the next big thing.

but I realize the chances of my Fan Fiction becoming a reality are astronimical in the chances of that happening.

But still it never hurts to try and keep on trying. So I will keep on working at it and maybe just maybe something will get noticed.

I am a passionate fan I probably been playing video games probably longer than the oldest people on here 20 + years so I will keep on being creative.

Regardless of what the boards think.

User Info: FearOfTheLight

5 years ago#10
Let me guess, the PC and Poster-Person for your game would be a Femshep Doppelgänger with an emphasis on her attraction to asari's...

How am I doing?
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