Rate the Power: Shield Boost

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User Info: Mikulekee

5 years ago#11
From: Jedi_Mercenary | #006
10. Can't find anything bad about this power.
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User Info: xionnoix

5 years ago#12
What is the power weapon glitch?
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User Info: Jinteisama

5 years ago#13
2/10... boring crap.

User Info: Aarkshark

5 years ago#14
Jinteisama posted...
2/10... boring crap.

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User Info: Nickious

5 years ago#15
Jinteisama posted...
Invalid entry
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User Info: andy12handy

5 years ago#16

Can't really find a bad side. I mean the restore plus DR is great for that lumbering meat shield in front of you keeping you from getting picked on by all those grenade dropping, rocket spamming, fire spewing, shield bashing, sword stabbing, shotgun shooting, bug spraying, face grabbing, curb stomping, smash jumping, brute sweeping, suicide bombing, smoke throwing, face bashing ********!
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User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#17

gud m8
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User Info: Praetor18

5 years ago#18

The best thing ever.
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User Info: ThePizzaDemon

5 years ago#19
10/10 One of the best support powers.
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User Info: Jinteisama

5 years ago#20
From: Aarkshark | #010
Bhellium posted...
But what's this now?

Occasionally, Shield Boost makes players unable to fire weapons or use powers.

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