*SPOILER* Omega DLC female turian

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User Info: fennell92

5 years ago#11
Cool, I might actually start thinking about SP again.

User Info: Don_of_Blades

5 years ago#12
Hope that will be a mp character soon.

User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#13
Shepard must have it.
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User Info: AllDay524

5 years ago#14
'I was looking up Pokemon Hentai today and it was full of Gardevoirs and Pikachus. I'm like what the hell is this? Wheres all the May and Dawn pics?' LittleUnit

User Info: El_Virus

5 years ago#15
Wow, thats definetely the same armor as the leaked photo with the misterious character. That armor also looks very close to algamier legionariers male turian, either way, should be good!
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User Info: ShatterStr

5 years ago#16
They actually made the female somewhat attractive. I didn't think it'd be possible. Wow.

User Info: Doofe_2012

5 years ago#17
I'm betting she's the flexible recon scout whom Garrus tested his reach with.
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User Info: Dancouga_Nova

5 years ago#18

Has Bioware mentioned anything about her possibly being a squad member? Femshep must have her.

User Info: VirtualAnomoly

5 years ago#19
Man, I almost hope she is a new Permanent Squadmate, but another part hopes that goes to a race we don't currently have (Vorcha, Drell, Krogan, Yahg(lol))
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User Info: manonfiya

5 years ago#20
That armor looks pretty coo ^_^....nice design. All I want to know is will she be permanent??? I don't really care about that gangster Asari but hell if we got 2 DLC characters in ME2 we should atleast get that in 3 "/

I also agree that she resembles a female version of the new mp Turians...I get more of an Infiltrator'ish vibe from the pics.
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  3. *SPOILER* Omega DLC female turian

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